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CSO Slit Lamp


  • solo
  • Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) for glaucoma
  • Designed specifically for selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT), solo allows you to perform quick and highly accurate  glaucoma laser treatment customized to each individual patient's response  
  • เครื่องเลเซอร์รักษาผู้ป่วยต้อหินชนิดมุมเปิดแบบ SLT (Selective laser trebeculoplasty) เป็นเครื่องมือที่ให้ลำแสงเลเซอร์ชนิด Q-switched, frequency double Nd : YAG ใช้สำหรับรักษาโรคต้นหินชนิดมุมเปิด (Primary open angled glaucuma)
  • สามารถปรับเปลี่ยนกำลังขยายได้ 3 ขนาด
  • มีระบบป้องกันสายตาของผู้ใช้จากแสงเลเซอร์ (Safety filter) ที่บริเวณ Slit lamp 

About Solo

Solo™ is engineered to be faster and more precise. The system’s proprietary cavity facilitates effective heat transfer and cooling to deliver the industry’s fastest SLT firing rate at 3 shots per second. In addition, an automatic calibration process and a series of test-fire sequences uses feedback from the system’s energy monitor in order to constantly adjust system output, enabling precise adjustment of parameter settings at 0.1 mJ increments.


SLT. Primary. Adjunct. Replacement.

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, SLT, is a gentle, non-invasive approach for stimulating the generation of healthy trabecular meshwork (TM) cells and managing intraocular pressure (IOP) without the burn and scar tissue associated with other laser procedures.

SLT is a highly effective approach for first-line glaucoma treatments, adjunct therapy with drugs, and alternative therapy when drugs or surgery fail. It is also a flexible treatment option, because it can be repeated, if necessary, depending on the individual patient’s response.

SLT as Primary, Adjunct and Alternative Therapy for Glaucoma

Watch interview with Andrew Iwach MD

SLT Technology from Ellex

Ellex’s proprietary SLT technology features a high level of precision, in which parameter settings can be adjusted at 0.1 mJ increments. This capability, coupled with superior energy control, enables you to deliver highly accurate SLT treatment. All SLT treatment parameters are designed to industry-recognized treatment protocols, maximizing treatment options and ensuring effective patient results.

Offering superior energy control, a sharp-edged aiming beam and the industry’s fastest firing rate at 3 shots per second, Ellex's proprietary SLT technology allows you to visualize the TM in greater detail, and to perform procedures faster and with improved accuracy.

To see more clinical footage, and to watch video interviews with the industry’s leading SLT experts, visit the SLT Video Library

SLT Clinical Footage Treatment Protocol

Watch clinical footage of SLT

The Primary Online Resource for SLT

For clinical and practical information on SLT, as well as practice and patient marketing tools, visit – the primary online resource for SLT.

SLT website

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SLT. The Gentle Alternative for Glaucoma.

Gentle and painless, SLT is a simple laser procedure that takes just five minutes to perform in your doctor’s office. Not only can SLT effectively reduce the elevated IOP associated with glaucoma, but it can also free you from the financial and lifestyle burdens of glaucoma medications. If you or someone close to you suffers from glaucoma, be sure to explore all of your treatment options. Learn more about SLT and glaucoma.

SLT website

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