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  • VX-20
  • Retinal camera
  • Mydriatic/ non-mydraitic integrated retinal camera
  • เครื่องถ่ายภาพจอประสาทตา Fundus camera ระบบ Touch sceen รุ่น VX-20 พร้อมโปรแกรมสำหรับจัดเก็บ และประมวลผล

VX-20 Alpha Mydriatic/Non-mydriatic Combination Retinal Camera

Model Number: K9L56K
Retinal Cameras → Combination Mydriatic/Non-Mydriatic Retinal Cameras

The VX-20 is Kowa's unique, hybrid combination retinal camera that offers versatile, high quality retinal imaging in one easy-to-use system. Due to its outstanding features, the VX-20 remains the first choice for clinicians. With a built in PC and high-resolution camera back, this fundus camera is a versatile diagnostic tool with stand-alone capability. The VX-20 fits perfectly within the clinical environment with its compact design and versatile operation. The VX-20 offers enhanced functionality at the touch of a button allowing the clinician to switch quickly between mydriatic & non-mydriatic modes. It includes a 7 inch wide, LCD color touchscreen that is simple to use and ideally positioned to ensure easy patient observation. What's more, the control panel's updated design improves the operator experience, ensuring everything is within easy reach for the clinician.

Enhanced Photography Features: 5 Photography Modes Including FAF

  • Fundus autofluorescence (FAF) mode is the newest addition to an extensive list of photography features which also includes:
    • Non-mydriatic color
    • Mydriatic color
    • Fluorescein fundus angiography (FA)
    • Red-free (RF) modes
    • Also equipped with SP mode which enables photography of small pupils.

Updated Design Provides Stress-Free Diagnosis

  • 75mm reduced height of examined eye compared to previous VX-10 series model, thus increasing patient's comfort.

Equipped with Instant Image Filing Software

  • Capture mode allows operator to input IDs and display alignment images or newly captured images.
  • Viewer mode allows operator to browse, print, or delete images saved in the selected ID.
  • Provides direct output to printer.
  • Export images to records of any manufacturers within the network or to Kowa's VK-2 image filing system.
  • Equipped with multi-timer function for FA photography.

Two Field of View Options

  • Change the field of view with a quick push of a button.
  • Non-mydriatic mode: 45° or 27° field of view
  • Mydriatic mode: 50° or 30° field of view

Observe Fundus Through Optical Viewfinder 

  • Observe the fundus through the optical viewfinder in mydriatic mode to capture images exactly as they are viewed.
  • The optical viewfinder is also an extremely useful feature for photographing the peripheral part of the retina.

System Configuration: Stand Alone

  • Equipped with instant image filing function using a touch panel
  • Capable of ID input from card reader
  • Multiple image display (4 images)
  • Photography data saved in the CF memory card
  • Direct printing of photos

System Configuration: Network Capabilities

  • Direct connection to intranet via LAN
  • Capable of ID input from Kowa VX-20
  • Capable of saving photographic data in the network terminal
  • Direct printing using preview display

VX-20 Camera Only System Includes:

  • Includes VX-20 Complete with Swing/Tilt Stand

VX-20 Camera and Digital Imaging System Includes:

  • Includes VX-20 Complete with Swing/Tilt Stand and VK-2 Color/FA Imaging System

VX-20 Camera and FAF Digital Imaging System Includes:

  • Includes VX-20 Complete with Swing/TIlt Stand and VK-2 Color/FA/FAF Imaging System






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